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What does a Blue Pear Clinical Cleaning Plan look like for a Clinical Setting?

A  Check List will be created based on the National Specifications for Cleanliness as stated for NHS Primary Care Medical and Dental Premises, while also tailored to your specific practice.

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Are your carpets making you sick?

When did you last have your carpets washed and sanitised? Your carpets/rugs hog deep-down dirt, grime and dust mites (+their droppings), which cannot be removed by vacuuming alone.

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Is your MRI Scanner / MRI Environment Clinically Clean?

At Blue Pear - Specialist Clinical Cleaning, we have over 11 years' experience of working in the MRI Environment on both Mobile Imaging Units & Static Sites.


Clinical Cleaning for your home.

A case study of an elderly Mr Hanncock, who had been unwell for 2 days and vomitted in several different areas of his home. Blue Pear were contacted on the day he was admitted into hospital, so we could get the house clinically clean and safe, ready for his return. 


Indoor Allergy: How to reduce allergens in your home.

We share tips on how (and when) to wash and sanitise the fabric materials within your home, from carpets/rugs to mattresses and upholstered furniture.

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Has your doctor advised that you make your home clinically clean?

A mountanious blow such as a cancer diagnosis can leave your body immunocompromised and clinically vulnerable. We can help make your living space cleaner and safer, to give your body less things to fight against.