Kids in Preschool
Is your child's classroom or school in need of a Clinical Clean?

As the lock-down is eased and children return to educational and childcare settings, it is important to understand that this decision is not an easy one for parents and carers to make. The home environment  will have had the comforts and controlled measures in place to protect our precious little ones from the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping through the world outside. The schools and nurseries have done amazing jobs to ease the students who have returned, with the younger ones surprising us with their new-found maturity and understanding, adhering to the 2m social-distancing and washing their hands many times a day.

Today, unfortunately, vaccines are (still) not yet available to the masses. We all still need to be extra careful as viruses have proven just how quickly they spread - the coughs, sneezes, high-touch areas and self-touching of faces. Think of how quickly the flu spreads amongst children within a class! Our Specialist Clinical Cleaning methods and knowledge can help keep the classrooms clean by significantly reducing the number of pathogens, therefore limiting the risk of viruses spreading. Our cleaning products are hospital-grade, safe & kind to the environment, yet effective to give you the peace of mind to know that the children, teachers and other members of staff are learning and interacting in a cleaner, safer space. Our Services include:

Deep Cleaning of the interior aspect of the building, including classrooms, the dining hall, the sports hall, offices and other places used by students and staff.


Followed by Deep Cleaning & Sanitising of Entrance Mats; Hard Floors, Carpets and Upholstered Furniture, using industry-leading Texatherm Technology and Low-Moisture Processes that leave carpets ready to use in 1 hour.


Followed by Disinfection of the different rooms whereby a mist of safe & eco-friendly disinfectant is carefully sprayed into a space, gently coating every surface it lands on, and therefore giving that area up to 4 weeks of protection from bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

You can choose just one, mix two, or bundle-up all three for complete peace of mind.​​


Our Sanitising of Carpet, Rug, Upholstery & Hard Floors is highly recommended prior to the Disinfectant Fogging Service