MRI Machine. Medical equipment in a hosp

Deep Cleaning the MRI Environment

At Blue Pear - Specialist Clinical Cleaning, we have over 11 years' experience of working in the MRI Environment on both Mobile Imaging Units & Static Sites. We are insured up to £10 million. 

We use non-ferromagnetic tools to deep clean, and MRI Safety Regulations are adhered to. Our cleaning products are hospital-grade; they comply with the HSE’s Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR); they contain effective virucidal, bactericidal, and fungicidal properties and pass the EN14476, EN13704, EN1276, EN13697, EN1650 standards - and lastly NF T72-180 which is effective against the coronavirus family.

We want to ensure your staff and patients are interacting in a cleaner, and safer space.

A Clinical Clean of an MRI Mobile Imaging Unit / MRI Dept includes:

Deep Cleaning of:

  • The Examination Room:

    • The gantry, from ceiling to floor

    • The table and inside of the bore

    • The control buttons

    • Shelving and cupboards

    • Cushions, Pads

    • Coils & other room equipment

    • Floor and Walls

    • Interior and  Exterior of door

    • Lubrication of moving parts

    • Shielding wind

  • The Control Room

    • Equipment & Work Stations​

    • Coving & Skirting boards

    • Internal Windows & Window Sills

    • Shelving & Storage cupboards

    • Walls, Door & Floor

  • Other Examination/Scanning Rooms

  • Offices & Treatment Rooms

  • Changing cubicles

  • Waiting Rooms

  • Reception areas

  • Internal Windows and Doors


Washing & Sanitising of Entrance Mats; Hard Floors, Carpeted Floors and Upholstered Furniture, using industry-leading Texatherm Technology and Low-Moisture Processes that leave carpets sanitised and ready to walk on in 1 hour.


Disinfectant Fogging of the different rooms (excluding the MRI Examination Room) whereby a mist of safe & eco-friendly disinfectant is carefully sprayed into a space, gently coating every surface it lands on, and therefore giving that area up to 4 weeks of protection from bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

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MRI Machine. Medical equipment in a hosp

Our Standards

A Blue Pear Clinical Cleaning Check List is created based on the National Specifications for Cleanliness as stated for NHS Primary Care Medical and Dental Premises, while also tailored to your specific Diagnostic Department/ Mobile Unit. A Cleaning Certificate is provided upon completion, and audits are regularly carried out to ensure high standards. 

We are


More important, is the current climate of the Coronavirus pandemic. Blue Pear is Covid-secure. This means that we have put measures in place to reduce the risk of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2.