Who We Are

At Blue Pear, we have a genuine passion for cleaning and making spaces safe for our loved ones - we just happen to be Healthcare Professionals! We have a thorough understanding of the high standard that accompanies a clinical clean. 

We understand the methods through which pathogens transmit from host to high-touch surfaces, and vice-versa, which is why our training and assessments of Blue Pear staff focuses on effectiveness in maintaining a clean-dirty barrier. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable people to work and live in cleaner, safer spaces, so that they lead healthier, happier lives. 

Our Values








At Blue Pear, we constantly strive for improvement, and are relentless in learning of better ways to deliver our service. We are committed to delivering a high-quality Clinical Clean every time. Transparency runs through every aspect of our business; we are honest about problems we cannot solve, and are always there to help as best as we can with the issues we can tackle. Our ability to work clinically within interdisciplinary teams is depicted in our business; we practice with a non-judgemental attitude that does not discriminate; we treat everybody with respect and dignity, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs and cultural background.


We are a 2020 business, therefore we would love for you to connect with us on our social media platforms using the handle @bluepearclean and the hashtag #CleanerSaferSpaces


We look forward to meeting new clients and forming authentic relationships with other local businesses.